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OMG did I do anything this year? Certainly doesn't feel like it, haha. Maybe next year I'll do I say every year, haha. Aww. ;o;

Feel free to post your own in response to this journal. (Be it checking from last year and/or new ones for 2015!)


FROM 2014: (Resolution Check!)

-Keep pushing on with studies and practices. Experiment more, go out of my comfort zone as often as possible!
I guess I did this, yeah, I'd say so :)
-Try to incorporate some more backgrounds; do larger pieces like "Floating World"
-More 'The Koi Life' drawings; at least once a month ;3;
Didn't feel up to it since he passed away.
-More traditional pieces (any medium)
Yup! Not as many as I'd like still, but more than usual.
-Go darker in portraits; face my fear! (try not to rush though them just to get them over with!)

-Get the ball rolling with ZW; plan ahead as far as possible; lay out plans, etc.; eventual goal: new chapter once a month
-Start redrafting Angel; edits, any rewrites, details, etc. [goal: finish this book in 2014!]
Didn't finish the first draft yet, but I'm so close! ;o;
-Organize characters and their descriptions/details (for ZW); familiarize self with characters
I did...a teeny bit? XD

-Keep uploading to YT as often as possible
-Try to do more commentaries on drawing videos
-More tutorials
-Maintain monthly (at least) vlogs
I did a little, but definitely not monthly OOPS
-Start and complete vlog project [see how it goes]
-Get a channel trailer made! XD
I made one, just never put it up, but still technically counts ;)

:: Miscellaneous::
-Add more to workout routine; daily!
Mostly, yes :D
-Properly prep for two conventions
-Finish unfinished projects
-Work on being healthier
I did a little x'D
-Read some books
Surprised I managed to do this, but yes! :D


2015 Resolutions (Bring it!)

-Keep pushing on with studies and practices. Experiment more, go out of my comfort zone as often as possible!
-Try to incorporate some more backgrounds; do larger pieces like "Floating World"
-More traditional pieces (any medium) ; prefer Copics, try to do lots of those :D
-Aim for four chibis (at least) every month!
-Possibly try to work on Enuma Elish comic??? Like, idk??

-Get the ball rolling with ZW; plan ahead as far as possible (fml omg)
-Finish Angel!!! ADSFAjewfoiah. Figure out how to go about publishing it.
-Keep working on other stories, like always ;P

-Keep uploading to YT as often as possible
-Try to at least vlog more often ;o;
-Reach >300 subs
-Collab with at least one other YT artist

:: Miscellaneous::
-Keep up with daily workout routine
-Snag at least two convention tables this year! (Metro maybe??? Hnng)
-Finish unfinished projects (you know the one, YOU KNOW THE ONE!)
-Continue to work on being healthier
-Read some moar books


So yeah, I think that covers the most of the biggies xD

Happy New Years!~


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  • Watching: of remarkable people to see if they could become
  • Playing: something more. To see if they could work together
  • Eating: when we needed them to,
  • Drinking: to fight the battles that we never could.


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:bulletred:To-Do List:bulletgreen:
-Chillax lol
-Chibis, so many chibis...
-Digimon ~10%
-Angel, Angel, Angel ~asdfiasd%sobplz

On hold ಠ_ಠ
-Chapter 16 ~5%
-Daniel Outfit Ref Sheet ~0%
-One drawing for each chapter of ZW ~4/15+
-This meme:…
-Fun ~-9001%

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Hey Sam, Happy BASUDE--

It's been almost 7 years since you started watching me on dA, wow, I'm impressed you're actually one of the two people still remaining from the first 7 watchers I had.

Want me to make something artsy for you? I feel you deserve it
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