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Submitted on
July 21, 2009


49 (who?)
How interesting that more and more deviants are discovering something peculiar on their profile.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about this new addition to unsubscribed members profiles which tells others that we "Needs Premium Membership".

How very interesting indeed Deviantart. Do we all REALLY need subscriptions in order for you to like us? How else would we get all this spam off of our page. It seems to me that every day, Deviantart gets greedier and greedier. Subscriptions with not many advantages, adcast, prints and now all these advertisements to make us buy them.

Money. Money. Money. Is this all they care about? Are those without subscriptions inferior to those with?

Besides the fact that members, most of the time, don't have the money for it, is it really worth it?


"saying that we 'need' a subscription implies that something bad will happen if we don't get one."

First of all, a paid account does NOT make you more popular. That is a major misconception. The only features most approve of is the option of less ads, having polls, and journal CSS.

:iconlegendaryrikku: clearly states his opinion on the matter;

"Yeah, Premium membership makes ones page look prettier, but at the end of the day it's the ART we submit that people want to see. Does Premium membership make our art look better too? No, so they should really stop bugging us with wanting us to get one"

I think that every art site out there has ads, so it's not a big deal, to me, that I have to browse with them. For the poll, why not just post in your journal? I see no problem in asking a poll in a journal. Journal CSS can have it's advantages and does "pretty-up" ones page, but one could always make a website, on freewebs, geocities, or anywhere else free, and that could be a similar effect.


"Here's a little tip for that annoying Ad problem ;p. Install "Adblock Plus" from Firefox (which is free) and it blocks most, if not all ads on this site, once you customize it to your needs."

Adcast is just another way for deviantart to get their wallets fatter. One does not need Adcast. It's just as easy commenting on other's pages or art and make friends and get the same amount of hits, only in a longer time span. Once again, another pointless money-maker.

Premium print accounts? Buy prints? This does benifit the artist, but they only recieve a few cents or dollars. If you REALLY want high quality, I suggest asking the artist's permission to print on quality paper then frame it. Or, if you just want the image in your hands to drool all over, just print a simple copy. If you really appreciate the artist and wish to donate, ask to commission them. That's the best way for them to get money.


"I've paid for a premium membership for seven months last year, and I had to honestly say , I was not impressed. There are perks, there is customization, but personally is did little for me. It just made my page look pretty, but that was the limit. I was really hoping for more exposure for my work, but Adcast only went so far. I was better off creating my own site on Wix, which is free and flash-based."

Most deviants can't afford to get "Premium" Membership.
Asuka (:iconsageofmagic:);

"I'm sorry to disappoint dA but 'saying' I need a subscription isn't going to make me get one. I can get along this website, and many others I enjoy more, without throwing money around. I actually have more important things to pay off. Like college."


"$30s a year is ridiculous. Like, lowering it to $10, at least, would be cool. DeviantArt is so greedy. Unfortunately, they are the best art site around and they know it. Don't they want to support artists? I mean, the stereotype of the "starving artist" isn't too far off--- most of us have trouble making money with this. I understand they need a little cash to run this place and pay employees, but they do NOT need THAT much. If they charged less, they could have more subscribers! Make more money! And make more of us happy."

Another problem I have with Deviantart is the ability to post images in ones journal. I've always wanted to post pictures/images/or stamps in my journal and I think of it unfair to just have subscribers have that. Though it is understandable to give them more than free accounts, but I would think that they get enough money from Adcast, print services, and all the advertisements on this site, to allow the free accounts to have more, and then make newer things for subscribers instead of focusing on pure advertising subscriptions, Adcast, prints, etc. themselves.

Along with all of this, Deviantart seems to me taking away things we used to love to use. To quote Alex (:iconmentalisttraceur:);

"I just think it was gay how they took away your ability to check the box for advance critique requested, no critique requested, etc. It's utterly stupid, because you can still just ask for it in the comments, and more importantly, trying to limit that is insulting to the whole spirit of deviantArt's commitment towards letting people grow as artists, because they are actually making it slightly harder to ask for critique if you don't pay for it."

Yes, deviants, we non-subscribers had the option of selecting "Advanced Critique" but Deviantart took that away from us, and gave a newer and better version to subscribers. (You still have the option of stating it in your artists comments).

Does this mean that Deviantart will soon add more restrictions to non-subscribers? Will Deviantart make those who don't pay get so much less than they used to? This could be the beginning of a change that none of us want. (Unless, of course, I am way over thinking things, but you never know what could happen).

A site that Deviantart is seeming to relate to another art site. To quote :iconminish-picori:;

"Sadly, with this "Needs Premium Membership", I'm having a feeling deviantART is slowly evolving into the next Gaiaonline."

So, is Deviantart slowly turning into the well known money-hungry website we all know as Gaia? Will there be cards in stores to buy things on Deviantart? Will we have to buy option after option after option just to get something on this site?

Don't get me wrong, Deviantart is one of the best art sites, in my opinion, around. Their system and organization and simplicity are great. I also don't mind them trying to make a business, since it technically is a business and all businesses need money. I just don't want all of this all over my page and shoved in my face, such as Asuka says again;

"TheOtaku has a subscription option too, but I've never felt it in my face like here at dA. With dA it's like...plastered everywhere in your face."

I think that Deviantart needs to stop pressuring deviants with all these advertisements telling them to buy buy buy a subscription. If we really wanted it, we would have it already. We don't NEED charity. So stop spamming our page. It's just makes your image of being such a wonderful site decrease. So please, just leave us, and our non-subscribed accounts, alone.

What do YOU think?
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DanteSmilodon Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, they care about the money because they're a company. If you had a restaurant, you'd be concerned about profits.

Not trying to defend DA here, but yeah... the "Needs Premium Membership" message has annoyed me for years. (I didn't know it was already here in 2009)
amel1995 Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
but if your in a countrey that dosn't deal with cards or dollars what do you do
AcousticSlide Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Student General Artist
A premium is 30$ a year? That's pretty cheap if you think about it... it might interfere with my rent a bit, but it's not that much.
PizzaPotatoNBacon Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Student General Artist
You have a point there. *sighs* Oh well.
IcisKull Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012   Traditional Artist
One of the reasons people make websites is to gain money... ovo
Why is everyone saying it's required?
mijikai-o-tan Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012
agreed .I wish everything was for free in this site .-__-
Robinfur123 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's so weird that every website I go to has something like "members can play this but you can't" or "Premium members get to change their username". It's getting really damn annoying.
Momoji-Chan Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Student Filmographer
I agree, I joined this site thinking that this was the best place for artists. I didn't think that this site required a premium membership, the exact thing I was trying to avoid >:(
sgt-pickles Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012
I'm just irritated that I'm going to have to pay a MONTH'S worth of subscription, just so I can change my username- I mean, I don't want to be stuck with an embarrassing name I picked as a scraggly teen all my time on this site.
nickiethefox12 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
I totally agree with you! I made my account years ago, and now I find my username to be quite childish. They should at least let non-premium members change that :(
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